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The Jacksonian Democrats were partially wrong in their view because they did not effectively individual liberties, or the Constitution. Jacksonites stated that they were very protective of the United States Constitution, but Jackson himself often used the Constitution as an excuse to veto bills and make decisions that he himself thought correct.

One example is his veto of the re-charter of the Bank of the United States.

Another angle is that Jacksonianism can be seen as a walking contradiction with the existence of slavery and subjugation of minorities in an age of white supremacy defying any "democratic" nature....

[tags: Age of Jackson, American History] - How might we distinguish ‘Jacksonian democracy’ from ‘Jeffersonian democracy’.

A period of nearly 30 years are associated with the Presidency of Jefferson, his successors and his ‘democracy’ from 1801 until Andrew Jackson’s election in 1828.

A vision of a united, equal America, limited government and natural aristocracy ruled the Jeffersonian style of democracy.

It provided money and credit to many of the lower classes that Jackson defended, and also was the source of much economic growth.

As a result of this veto Jackson established pet banks in many Western areas to try to appease his main group of supporters and build up the rivalry between the agrarian South and West and the industrial North (C).

They also thought of themselves as guardians of political democracy, while at the same time using class differences to their advantage and emotionalized speeches, lacking real intellectual merit, to stir support.

Jacksonian Democrats felt that they were the protectors of the Constitution and of individual liberties but many times they put their rivalry with the Northeastern industry and Whig politics before these things.


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