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The first question which I found as a reader was “Would ‘The Doll’s House’ be considered as a feminist play”?I would rather call it ‘too feminist’ because it has been outlined in many ways.The role of women was self-sacrificial, mainly depending on their marital status.

He also uses the word ‘little’, a connotation showing her child-like nature that emphasizes the fact that she is fragile.

Torvald always says this in a loving manner, but Nora does not realize until the end of the play that she has just been treated like an obedient pet.

Although he had an argument with Nora, he wanted her to stay (after receiving the I. U) because he was worried that people might not respect him as mjch as before.

But Nora learns to be independent from this experience, and realizes her self esteem needs.

A “Doll’s house”, by Henrik Ibsen has set out some serious questions which must be taken into account before judging Nora’s character.

Nora, being the main character in the play represents the “doll” that makes such trivial decisions, and giving us (the readers) the impression that she is immature.This is how Ibsen emphasizes the rights of a woman in a male dominant society.Some readers might argue on the points that I have made on these questions, but it altogether outlines the conflicts of women at that time.He is merely living on the society’s conditions and wants to be respected.We also see this when he refuses to give Krogstad his job back; people would think he has been influenced by his wife.They needed the authority of the man who owned them; this also emphasizes the fact that it was a male dominant society.They were also restricted to stay at home; taking care of their children.She also has no importance in the house; we see this when she hesitates to make trivial decisions.For example, she asks Torvald what she must wear and prepare for the ball.There are many examples in the play where Torvald treats Nora badly and insults her feminist nature, but this is not seen directly.For example, he calls her pet names such as ‘squirrel’ and ‘skylark’.


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