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Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egypt Mark Millmore’s fun and educational site is comprehensive, updated daily, and features several great sections.Major sections include Hieroglyphs, Numbers and Egyptian Maths, Pyramids and Temples, Kings & Queens, Rebuilding Ancient Egyptian Temples in 3D, Ancient Egyptian Videos and Documentaries, The Discovering Egypt Newsletter, and Ancient Egyptian Quizzes.

Clickable mummies guide students through the Mummification process, with explanations of embalming and wrapping.

Shockwave-generated activities include an exploration of the underworld, a map reading challenge, an Egyptian numerals test, a hieroglyphics challenge, a time-keeping challenge, a match-tool-to-craftsman challenge, and a challenge to figure out the find out the height, area and weight of the Great Pyramid.

Embedded You Tube video and 3D multimedia play a key role at the site, especially in the engaging Rebuilding Ancient Temples exposition and the Ancient Videos section.

keep up-to-date on Ancient Egypt news and website updates via Mark’s bi-monthly newsletter and take your hand at some of his quizzes.

Mind you, there is no need to buy the video to make good use of the online materials!

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Special features include a clickable virtual tour of the New Kingdom with 360 degree panoramas including the West Bank of Thebes, Abydos and Karnak; a clickable virtual tour of New Kingdom primary source art; a dozen video clips from the series; a timeline of 500 years identifying major events of the New Kingdom; a tour of a day in the life of Ancient Egyptians; and an exploration of hieroglyphics.It is organized around three Themes — “Ancient Egyptian Beliefs,” “Looking at Egyptian Art,” and “The Story of the Collection” — and groups objects and historical ideas into questions and answers.You can browse a 4,000-year interactive timeline to explore the information chronologically, or the index of forty objects featured from the Museum’s collection.The Hieroglyphics section contains Ancient Egyptian Mathematics Problems to see if you could “survive” in the world of Egyptian numerals and mathematics and a chance to play the ancient game of Senet.The Pyramids and Temples section is a virtual tour featuring plenty of great pictures of the temples at Karnak, Luxor, Dendara, Philae, and Ramses II.There are also discussions of powerful Egyptian women, pharaohs, and Egyptian society. Ancient History: Egyptians This is an impressive introduction to Ancient Egypt aimed at students from BBC.Major categories include Pyramids and Monuments, Mummification, Gods and Beliefs, Pharaohs and Dynasties, Daily Life, Hieroglyphs, a Timeline, and Related Links.The Pharaohs and Dynasties contains various essays, including a discussion of Hatshepsut, Ramses II, and photo gallery of Tutankhamun tomb and great dynasties.Special features include an Ancient Egypt Timeline and the animated games Death in Sakkara: An Egyptian Adventure.Highlights from The Pyramids and Monuments section include an image gallery of the “top ten” Ancient Egypt sites, and an interactive diagram of Khufu’s Pyramid complex.The Mummification section features an animated “Mummy Maker” embalming game, and The Gods and Beliefs contains a photo gallery of both Egyptian sacred animals and the ‘Death in Sakkara’ game.


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