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For years in the 1850s Thoreau noted the blossoming times of wild flowers around Concord in his now-famous journals.

Today’s scientists used his meticulous data as evidence of climate change. “Lawn” condenses everything into two fierce sentences: “Throw massive amounts of water and petrochemicals on your grassy plot, let it push up from the soil, then cut it down to nubs before it can grow up and have sex and go to seed. against a suffocating culture of meaninglessness.” And she could fire off hard truths dipped in sarcasm, as in “Animal News,” which works up from an unnamed man’s statement that wolves should not be reintroduced in the West because, as he says pejoratively, “The wolf kills for a living,” to her point that we are “so estranged” from the lives of wild creatures that we offer them the choice of only living lives that suit us or dropping dead. Some of the essays seem to have been written last week, so fresh are the topics.

They poised their rifles as we reached the house and, with quiet courtesy, asked me for permission to enter.

I stood outside in a limp noodle posture, my wildlife menagerie around me—lizards, rabbits, ravens, the bull snake that napped under the mint bushes, the flycatcher and her nest of baby birds in our eave.

It felt dreamy and unreal, like hand grenades in a monastery.

These days, people still recount manhunt anecdotes.In an age of itinerary writer-teachers, Proulx’s boomerangs back and forth across North America are exceptional.Now she’s made a similar discovery of the wooded idyll east of Seattle. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.Naturalist and environmental writer Ellen Meloy, who died in 2004, loved the huge red rocks of the Four Corners region where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona come together in a dusty knot, a region of Navajo and Hopi languages and cultures with some of the most profound land views in North America. sounds like a cross between a chloroform stupor and a high Mass.” She had the rare gift of seeing humor in the wild world and in our attempts to know it.Her husband Mark has an old shotgun, but Ellen Meloy, who describes herself as a “token, squishy, white doughball of liberalism who still believed that if you hated government, maybe you should do something really radical to change things, like vote,” does not have a gun. “Pay attention to the weather, to what breaks your heart, to what lifts your heart. The wind lifted up the top three inches of Arizona and dropped it on our heads. No one in Bluff could remember so much wind blowing day and night, day after day.People grew testy and distracted, but we knew our land well. After killing a policeman in nearby Colorado, three anti-government extremists surfaced east of Bluff, where one of them shot and wounded a local deputy.They recall the endless rumors, such as the one about the outlaws hijacking a UPS truck and terrorizing the Four Corners region in little brown suits.Countless stories are told, all but the most critical one.The testosterone was so thick a woman could get pregnant just by walking down the hall.The map room was strangely chilly, an oasis of detumescence.


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