Anti Naruhina Essay

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She didn't try to come up with a plan while Pain was in the middle of a monologue or anything.

She literally went in there to confess, and die so she doesn't live with the possibility of rejection.

And with the pain arc, she even admitted to being self ish in that regard.

Like in the manga, she didn't even try to take off the rods.

He cares about his friends, that's always how he's been. Seriously, in real life Hinata would be in jail for stalking!

Him transforming is not some signal of reciprocation. Since Jiraiya, Kakashi, and his whole village eradicated and decimated, he was already holding anger and hatred within himself. Well im a Naru Ino fan and im proud to be it but if i need to choose about logic love in kishimoto ending. a ending when people can create theyr personal ending. I know what people will say: "but Hinata was in love with Naruto and was just shy". I was also annoyed that they wanted Hinata to be seen as a badass so badly that they added character development in filler episodes. Hinata didn't get character development in proper canon and she has zero chemistry with Naruto.

It's ridiculous how Naruhina fans try to use this moment as a staple to why Naruto reciprocated this "love".

Like he wouldn't transform into the Kyubi had Shikamaru get tossed around like that in front of him.

Midway through the manga, however, he changed his mind ( according to interviews and my bro who's a Naru Hina fan ). The first one doing it doesn't make her the best fucking choice. Seems like he did give up on Sakura, lol, if ya' ask me. A lot more development was there when it came to Naru Saku, making it feel too much like fanservice when Naruhina happened.

Just cause' someone treats him better doesn't mean he SHOULD be with them. There's plenty of other people who would likely treat Naruto right. Oh, and isn't part of Naruto's character supposed to be to never give up? But all that build up, just to do a quicc switch to a couple that barely talked at all, it just comes off as rushed and complete fanservice Yeah.


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