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So the mutant mice, they don't have, they have some, they're lacking genes that control circadian rhythm, but under L12: D12, they don't need the genetic circadian patterns, the genetically-influenced ones, because they get the ones from their environment, the light and the darkness.

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Describe two features of a model that represents how the predator-prey relationship between the birds and the mice may have resulted in the evolution of the observed activity pattern of mice.

Well, if the birds hunt during the day, if birds hunt during day a mouse is more likely to be eaten by a bird if it's active during the day.

The Hardy-Weinburg equation can be used to estimate percentages of humans that carry alleles which lead to inheritable diseases.

How can the H-W equation be used to today in terms of human health?

Mouse, then, then the mouse is more likely to be eaten, eaten if it is active during the day, if it is active during the day.

And if it is, I guess you could say that's one, that's one feature of our model, that you're just more likely to be eaten if you're active when the birds are hunting. Extremely large population size , No gene flow, No mutations, Random mating, No natural selection 7. What are the five conditions for H-W equilibrium to maintained? In animals and plants, there is only about one mutation in every 100,000 genes per generation. Define the following: Genetic drift: unpredictable fluctuations in allele frequencies, reduces genetic variation over time through such losses of alleles Bottleneck effect: when environmental change greatly reduces a population, the ratio of genes is mixed up. There is a better chance that the disease will only affect a small portion of the population. The mutation rates rise as the generation spans decrease.And if I were, if I were taking the AP test here, I would try to put as much context as possible, because you're not exactly sure how they're, they're going to mark this thing, to grade this thing, so you could give more context that therefore, the mice that are active during, therefore, therefore, mice that are active during night, they have to be active sometime, active during night and inactive during day will be selected for, will be selected for, less likely to be eaten, less likely to be hunted, I guess you could say, and more likely to reproduce, more likely to reproduce, reproduce, and we are done.This appears to be a contradiction to evolution because it seems to say populations will never change. Why would we discuss adaptive evolution and what role does natural selection play? With this information one can predict how the disease will affect a population in the future. What are the two broad processes that make evolution possible? Point mutation: Has impact in phenotype, like a sickle cell disease, most however are harmless. If you have the percentage of people with a disease and if you know weather the disease is recessive than it is easy to find the percentage of a population that are carriers of the disease.When the heterozygote genotype possesses higher relative fitness than either the homozygous dominant or homozygous recessive genotypes. An example is a human with genes heterozygous for sickle-cell anemia; they are not affected by the harmful symptoms of the disease, yet are protected against most forms of malaria. Frequency dependent selection— it is when the fitness of any one morph declines if it becomes too common in the population. : If almost all red flowers declined in number, most insects would eat the white flowers then they will become rare also. Neutral variation– genetic diversity that confers no apparent selective advantage.


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