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So unlike the short answer questions, which are very specific about one period in time, this is asking you to take a broader look at US history and write an essay about one of its major themes. Analyze major changes and continuities in the social and economic experiences of African Americans who migrated from the South to urban areas in the North in the period 1910 to 1930.

Well that gives us a lot of information about the kinds of things we should concentrate on.

There are six steps you can take to plan your essay in about 15 minutes.

Start writing with an understanding of the time period and a strong thesis.

In our sample question, we have three main ideas, but you would create as many columns as needed based on the question on your exam. After you understand the question, read the historical background provided. This can help you create very natural and meaningful groups of information. If you have more than one that doesn't seem to fit into the chart, determine how they work together and form an additional group. For example, a DBQ on the women's suffrage movement might have two main groups of documents representing 'for' and 'against,' while a subgroup could include methods of the suffragettes, or men and women who opposed the vote. It can be more than one sentence and typically has two parts: it should specifically address every part of the question and then establish a structure for the essay. Careful planning in steps 1-6 should work in the first two requirements, but many students struggle to integrate the last part seamlessly.

Remember: it's NOT one of your documents; it merely puts the evidence into a historical framework. You might ask yourself, 'How is this document different from other potential sources on the same topic?

Here are a few tips that may help: The document-based question (DBQ) is not a summary of documents but a unique essay in which you show off your skills as a historian.

You will analyze evidence and organize it with outside information to directly answer a question.

Now, this is one of two main essays that are on the exam.

One is based on documents that are provided to you and the other is based on your own knowledge of the subject.


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