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The body is supposed to be left out in the open where animals can eat it.

Antigone buries her brother’s body and is killed by Creon because of it.

The three characters react very differently to the deaths of their fathers.

Hamlet spends most of his time worrying about revenge and his mother’s marriage to Claudius, but he doesn’t do anything until his mother dies.

She also dislikes society but has, thus far, conformed to it and chosen to live in it.

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She looks through her window and sees an old woman living her life. Though Septimus is only one man, he represented many of the returning soldiers and disillusioned men and women who lived during the war.Clarissa ultimately chooses to continue living — to continue communicating, unlike Septimus, in addition to having her own private room, her own private life. Society had no place for them; it did not know how to handle them and chose to ignore their problems.Woolf contrasts this disillusionment with the money-obsessed society of the rich elite, where wanton luxury has replaced feelings and emotions.To be stubborn and to put yourself above the laws of the gods is betrayal of the city’s trust. He tries to undo his actions, ordering the burial of the traitorous brother and running to save Antigone from death. Both present a disillusioned unsatisfied view of the world, and yet Clarissa chooses to live in the society whose worth she is unsure of, and Septimus chooses to commit suicide.Though Clarissa and Septimus are not directly linked, Septimus’s suffering and ultimate death cause her to reevaluate her own situation and choose life. Septimus was an idealistic young poet who enlisted in the army as a symbol of poetic patriotism.Antigone goes to her death willingly because she thinks that the rules the gods made are more important than the ones that Creon made.Also, Antigone feels that she has to do this because it is her brother. The citizens of Thebes need someone to rule them, and Creon has their trust.Antigone by Sophocles is a play in which betrayal plays an important part.Because Creon betrays the trust of the city of Thebes, the plot moves forward.The two doctors represent the uncaring position-obsessed English society and do not think another moment of Septimus’s death except when it seems an interesting piece of gossip.Upon hearing of Septimus’s death, Clarissa leaves her party and retreats into a room of her own.


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