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Through these steps of argumentative writing, a student is bound to learn how to defend her/his opinion rationally. The introductory paragraph must include review of the topic, its importance and the thesis statement.The further body paragraphs should contain the evidences regarding the issue while the concluding paragraph must feature the re-instatement of the topic and its evidential supports- in a concise manner.

analysis annotated asce bibliography blog bme branick bucholtz civil code communication community comparison computer dicourse discourse engineering experiment final football freebie gee group johns journalism kickstarter literacy memo midterm mirabelli monk perl planning post process programming progression project proposal python report research samraj science second soccer swales technical workplace writing Stuart Greene primarily introduces the idea of argumentation in daily life conversation by discussing that we confront an issue/topic that is open to dispute and have a lively discussion on what we feel/think about it.The first two work best in argumentation and the third in persuasion.Assign Making Rhetorical Appeals to help students choose supporting details that will appeal logically and ethically (argumentation) or emotionally (persuasion).Help them realize that addressing readers' disagreements does not weaken their arguments, but in fact strengthens them.Introduce these two ways to respond to opposing points of view. An effective argument uses clear and logical thinking.Paragraph A Native Americans receive too little representation in media. What little representation they receive often includes harmful stereotypes.“Westerns” often typecast Native Americans as savage warriors or mysterious spirit leaders in headdresses.Traditionally, writing teachers have devoted equal attention to the Big Three in that order, but modern standards place argument writing at the head of the pack. Clearly, such communication skills come at a premium in today’s information economy, and developing those skills will help students flourish in school and the workplace.But many developing writers struggle to write clear and compelling arguments.Also know that many of the skills you teach during your narrative and explanatory units will translate well to argument writing. Sometimes an argument needs a touch of description, a careful analysis, or even a poetic turn of phrase.


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