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What also needs to be addressed is an increasing problem with social media addiction, which might be more harmless than smoking or drinking, yet it still profoundly impairs the quality of life, and makes it harder to not only communicate in real life, but also perform other essential actions like working, driving, or even eating.Ordinary people tend to have different opinions even when they are not considering scientific studies, though it is evident that the most popular belief is that online communication is, in fact, harming real-life communication.

Besides, some people argue that there is nothing wrong with the current health and fitness trends because they motivate social media users to maintain more active lifestyles and pay more attention to food and physical activities (Sabo, 2013).

Photos of celebrities and regular users in gyms can serve as powerful motivators to stop eating fast-food and buy a gym membership.

Yet, some parents are already taking action by limiting the time that their kids spend online, so this problem might be more about good parenting, than about how destructive Instagram and Facebook are.

Some also argue that social media is harming friendships people have in real life.

One of the arguments against excessive use of texting and online communication is the fact that children will not be able to develop verbal skills and emotional intelligence. Kate Roberts, a Boston-based school psychologist, is an owner of such an opinion, and she blames technologies on the increasing amount of people who have problems with face-to-face communication, saying that “it is like we have lost the skill of courtship and the ability to make that connection” (Johnson).

She is also highly concerned about children’s brains changing because they use an easier method of communication, through online media.

This problem especially concerns young social media users who have a tendency towards perfectionism and anxiety.

They see enhanced images of thin people and believe that similar body shape will make them happier and more popular among their friends.

Social media greatly affect opinions and worldviews of contemporary people, instilling some values and perceptions that may cause psychological harm.

It is believed that social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram create certain stereotypes about the human body, which ultimately affect users’ body image.


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