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When you feel that you are ready to take your TSI Assessment, you should schedule your test at the Testing Center.

The results of this Pretest may give you a general idea of your actual placement results.

The hero of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff, was by any account, a man of humble origins.

Not only was he an orphan without a last name, but he was also abused and tormented by other children‐such as Hindley‐of his new household.

In the 1770's, America was under the rule of a tyrant in England.

Legislation, such as those that were called the "Intolerable Acts" that forbid such practices as forming a militia in Massachusetts, and the infamous "Stamp Act", which was essentially a tax forced on Americans to gain revenue for the British Empire, were passed continuously against Great Britain's colonies in America.In context, which of the following is the best way to revise and combine sentences 1 and 2 (reproduced below)? It is more than just an ingredient in a purifying face mask or a sushi roll.Think about how you would rewrite the following sentence according to the directions given, and then choose the best answer.This test is for practice only and the results are not used for actual placement. If you do not know the answer, you should make an educated guess.At the bottom of the test, you will be given your results.Although these changes are superficial, Heathcliff, used the adversity facing him as a boy as motivation to improve himself, to marry Catherine; thus his early obstacles were turned into something good (at least for him).From Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, it is evident that obstacles can be transformed into motivation, a very positive emotion.(2) It is more than just an ingredient in a purifying face mask or a sushi roll. scientists have looked to the possibility of algae-based biofuels, but most of these explorations have shied away from kelp and seaweed. (10) However, for the biobutanol project to be environmentally sustainable, seaweed cannot be harvested; it must be farmed.(3) According to new research, seaweed has the potential to become an advanced biofuel known as biobutanol. (5) One reason why seaweed may not have taken off as a potential fuel source is the fact that it's not a major part of American culture. (11) "One of the challenges of harvesting a natural seaweed bed is you can only [use] a certain percent of the bed if you don't want to have a negative environmental impact," Nikesh Parekh, CEO of Bio Architecture Lab, said.In the example that is provided, the actor is obviously confused.The director makes a good point on how to work around it, and in a case where they make use of the chair that's in the way, which helps make it funny, exciting, or depressing. Not only does an obstacle or disadvantage get turned into something good, but it can discover new things.


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