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In doing this the writer leads the reader into the main stance of the work.Once this position has been solidified, the outline should focus on the claims which the writer is making in order to support and develop the position.Next part of preparing an Arts essay is to take the outline and analyse the source materials.

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The paragraphs are used as an organised unit of thought.

Ideas should follow one another in a rational sequence.

This is the foundation of the essay and if this is non-existent the essay could disintegrate.

The writer should start by briefly sketching an introduction.

When analysing a source, the writer must remember to bear in mind that there may be a pre-existing inclination or bias associated with the work.

A good Arts essay will produce honest work where the writer will be able to discern what the bias is.

In order to answer this question the writer should research Michelangelo and his works.

It is important that the writer understands what the question is asking of them.

All paragraphs in the Arts essay are of importance.

The adding of the main body of the Arts essay is the next stage.


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