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to the Priests, the Revolutionists thereby ensured that, in certain positions, every Woman would appear like a Priest, and be treated with corresponding respect and deference -- a prospect that could not fail to attract the Female Sex in a mass.

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(that is, if I said, assign 20 to b, then you would write b = 20 right? If the market value of the stock is greater than the strike price, the option holder can call away the stock at a lower than market value price.Short calls are at assignment risk when they are in the money or if there is a dividend coming up, and the extrinsic value of the short call is less than the dividend.Sign up for a free tastytrade account to download the slides and you’ll also receive daily market insights from our experts and a roundup of our best shows from each day.Convening once a week, the executive committee is assigned with duties such as deciding on the work programme, supervising the expenditure of the headman, adopting the budget and mediating in cases of dispute between villagers.If an ITM call is assigned, the call seller will be short shares of stock.If the account holder does not have the funds to cover a short stock position, the brokerage will liquidate the stock at the market price.El comit ejecutivo se rene una vez a la semana y desempea funciones como decidir el programa de trabajo, supervisar los gastos hechos por el jefe de la aldea, aprobar el presupuesto y mediar en casos de controversias entre aldeanos.We welcome the establishment of the four working groups, assigned with the principal task of ensuring the effective implementation of the programme of work, and we express our readiness to contribute actively to their activities.For instance, if the stock is trading at and a short call at the strike is assigned, the short call seller would then own the stock at and have to purchase stock at to close the trade.The net loss would be .00 per contract, less credit received from selling the call initially.


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