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This involves lifestyle changes, career expectations, consumer activism, growth rate of population, age distributions, regional shift in population etc. Mc Donald’s caters its menu in different countries around the world and they cater specialized menus to suit different cultures such as in India non-vegetarian menu includes only chicken and fish and not beef as they consider cow as sacred.Mc Donald’s task environment includes its suppliers of raw material such as meat items, customers, competitors such as Burger King, KFC, Juicy burger etc. Mc Donald’s has created alliances with Disney, Coca-Cola etc to fight back the immense competition.Customer Satisfaction – Friendly and fun environment for customers.

Mc Donald opened a small restaurant in 1940, east of Pasadena, California.

1948 they introduced a ”Speedee Service System” with US trademark on a clown shaped which replaced with Ronald Mc Donald in 1967.

Although, Mc Donalds has a huge reputable distinctiveness to make more difficult the new entrants to get into the market and accomplish the food chain industry with offering for a comparable price scale.

Currently, we find many alternatives towards the food chain industry.

Consequently, with this huge competition it is hard to get into this industry and establish a distinctive brand loyalty name as Mc Donalds.

To get into the market there is a high research and development cost involved.If the interest rates were high, people would tend to save more and would affect the consumption income.When the disposable income is reduced demand for food items would reduce this in turn would affect Mc Donald’s adversely .Reliability of operating and delivery system made Mc Donalds brand name.”Mc Donald’s vision is to be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience.Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile”Sales – Total revenue of the business earned by selling food and service Growth – Provides a better or greater service by increasing the market share Profit – Provide good sustainable profitable growth for its shareholders.In addition, fast food restaurant products buyers can always find alternative suppliers because their benchmarked, undifferentiated.Customers are unable to bargain as they always hold a fixed price.Fast food restaurant chain is extremely competitive trade with numerous fast food businesses try to compete with each and improve their business being innovative and high in customer service.In view of the fact that Mc Donalds has outshined in this trade after establishment in 1940.However, Mc Donalds started with Mc Cafe to being part of the competition.It was a great privilege to the company to being a major competitor in this sector.


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