Bayonet Charge Ted Hughes Essay

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There is almost constant enjambment throughout ‘Bayonet Charge’ – sentences even continue over the breaks between stanzas.

This constant, uninterrupted flow reflects the fast pace and chaos of the moment.

Similarly, Hughes uses dashes to abruptly and unpredictably break up the flow of the sentences.

Enjambment describes the technique of breaking up a sentence so that it runs over more than one line of the poem.

However, do be sure you do not follow the ‘FLIRTS’ approach in the exam room, where you must always answer the question and use the PEE (PEA) paragraph structure.

Introduction Transfer-Encoding: chunked Conflict Poetry Practice Question Compare how poets present the effects of conflict in ? As well as this, both poems show how there are many questions about why conflict even occurs, but that it is likely to be something to continue forever. In the second stanza, the soldier begins to question his role in the conflict. The soldier doesn’t feel that he has made a choice to actively participate in war.He is merely a hand on a clock, a cog in the machine, exploited by much larger and more powerful forces.He immerses it into the list of common reasons why people join the war, making the reader rethink the generic excuses to join the war, suggesting the leaders who feed the public this information don't really understand.This opinion can be seen in Owen's Futility, as he asks "what made fatuous sunbeams toil", the anger and animosity of war is clear, and we begin to discover his views on the matter.‘Bayonet Charge’ is a poem that presents the thoughts and feelings of a soldier as he charges at the enemy and begins to question his role in the battle.The annotation prompts are a supportive tool, intended to encourage further poetry analysis and interpretation. Introduction Compare how poets present the experience of soldiers in 'Bayonet Charge'and one other poem from Conflict.In Bayonet Charge we follow the protagonists view throughout a battle, and Hughes questions the reasons behind war and if it's justified. The lead character in Bayonet Charge "suddenly" awakes and is now "running". It is included on the English Literature GCSE syllabus.It depicts the thoughts and feelings of one soldier as he charges at the enemy and begins to question his role in the battle. This is a startling opening, immediately giving the feeling of action and danger.


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