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A poor immigrant who studied hard and worked hard might have a shot at the best schools in the land.

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It also says every income-eligible student who takes the SAT will receive four fee waivers to apply for college, which continues an effort the College Board has had to assist low-income students.

(Yahoo: No more access with Facebook, Google IDs) These are the first SAT upgrades since 2005 when the essay portion was added and analogy questions were removed.

One of the biggest changes is that the extra penalty for wrong answers, which discouraged guessing, will be eliminated.

And some vocabulary words will be replaced with words such as "synthesis" and "empirical" that are used more widely in classrooms and in work settings.

College Board officials said Wednesday the update—the first since 2005—is needed to make the exam better representative of what students study in high school and the skills they need to succeed in college and afterward.

The test should offer "worthy challenges, not artificial obstacles," said College Board President David Coleman in remarks prepared for delivery at an event in Austin, Texas.Coleman’s interviews are littered with claims of wanting to teach in public school, but instead he built a consulting firm that scored contracts with public schools.The consultancy was acquired by the Mc Graw-Hill behemoth, and Coleman moved on to founding a non-profit, with funding from the Gates Foundation, where he played a key role in creating the Gates-approved Common Core standards.The new exam will be rolled out in 2016, so this year's ninth graders will be the first to take it, in their junior year.The new SAT will continue to test reading, writing and math skills, with an emphasis on analysis. Changes in the annual test that millions of students take will also do away with some vocabulary words such as "prevaricator" and "sagacious" in favor of words more commonly used in school and on the job. The SAT college entrance exam is undergoing sweeping revisions."By changing the exam's focus, we change the learning and work the SAT invites.Today, many students who are terrified they will be tested on lots of SAT words have one recourse: flashcards," Coleman said.By the age of 25, he was working at Mc Kinsey as an educational consultant.The rest of the story was an escalator ride through the consulting industry that destroyed education.


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