Billy Elliot Into The World Thesis

Now he is all easy smiles and Eastern philosophy.“Whatever happens,” he said, “is going to happen.”“Are you saying the future is predetermined? Though the youngest of the three, he was a veteran Billy before the musical even opened in New York, having played the role in London, and he stayed on Broadway the longest.

Back to dance school afterward, then high school, then Princeton University, where he majored in philosophy and earned a certificate in dance.

By the time “Billy Elliot” closed on Broadway in 2012, the original trio had long scattered. It’s an odd exercise, asking what happened to people who are still at an age when most people haven’t happened at all yet.

But no one comes out of the teenage years unchanged, not even Billy Elliot. Kowalik fresh from teaching a studio of young tap dancers, Mr.

He never told his fellow soldiers his background — not out of fear of how it would be received, he said, but, much like Mr.

Kowalik, because he sought the luxury of being unknown.“I always wondered what it would have been like growing up going to a normal public school,” he said.

Few outside the military seem to understand the tight camaraderie, the sense of mission.

But going from the barracks to the stage, even if you’re playing a sailor on shore leave, is a particularly intense disorientation.“In the military, it was a strict mind-set of being a warrior,” Mr. “With the arts, it’s a completely different mind-set.

After backpacking through Mexico the previous year, reading Plato and the Bhagavad Gita, he had come to an understanding about his place in the world“As you get older the stresses of life make you lose that confidence, that belief in yourself,” he said.

“I needed to find that child that I was.”After he left “Billy Elliot” and finished high school, Mr. Few in the dance world seemed to know what had happened to him. For most of the next two and a half years he served with the 25th Infantry Division at Fort Wainwright, in Fairbanks, Alaska.


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