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Crown contender Catherine Grey and her baby were sent to her uncle’s house in Essex.The Spanish ambassador to Queen Elizabeth’s Court died from the plague.[16] The last outbreak in England was the Great Plague of London in 1665.

From there the disease went as fast as ships could travel to other Mediterranean ports and then to cities on Europe’s Atlantic coast and along Europe’s main rivers.

People fled the port cities and died of plague in roadside ditches.

[7] The plague has and has three well-known forms, bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic.[8] The term “Black Death” was first used two centuries after the second plague pandemic began.

Until then, Europeans referred to it as “The Great Dying”.

If a flea bites a non-immune animal, the animal will die. The black rat, a nimble climber, could scoot up mooring ropes; as a result, it was carried from India to the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Africa.

From Egypt, the rat and plague went by ship to Constantinople and to the ports of Europe.[5] The European seaports knew that a wide-spread, deadly plague was raging in the East. India was depopulated, as were Mesopotamia, Syria, Armenia, and other neighboring countries. The plague did not hit Europe with full force until 1346, when a new route for overland trade with China provided rapid transit for flea-infested furs from China.[6] Traders returned from Asia, China, India, and the Middle East to Genoa and Venice in Italy.It also spread eastward from Asia towards Moscow by land, and by ship to the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Nile Delta.“Black” death had several meanings in the 1300’s, including .The Black Plague of the Middle Ages is thought to have originated in India about 1332,[1] but this is not certain.There were reports of bubonic Plague outbreaks in China prior to that date.[2] In the 1330’s, unusually dry, windy weather caused Chinese nomads to migrate in search of food and water, along with their pack animals and relocating, hungry rodents.[3] The Plague is caused by bacteria normally resident in field mice, ground squirrels and marmots (rodents similar to woodchucks).[4] Flea bites carry the germ from rodent to rodent, and it is normally not fatal to its hosts. The plague began to spread through cities after they attracted large numbers of scavengers, especially the black rat.After the 15 Century, Plague outbreaks were restricted to cities or regions.When the Plague struck a city or a region, aristocrats would go to their estates in the country. One of the aristocrats with a country estate was a young Cambridge professor, Isaac Newton. While at his country estate in the summer of 1665, Newton solved the mathematical problems associated with his theory of gravity.In Perpignan, only one of nine physicians survived, and two of eighteen barber-surgeons.People of the Middle Ages could watch the victims’ flesh turn black before they died.The years from 1350 to 1500 were a period of complex transition, as Europe entered its age of global exploration[17] and spread diseases from the Old World to the New.[18] The Black Plague tremendously affected European civilization, economy, trade, the church, music, and art. Artists were so depressed by the deaths surrounding them that they painted pictures of sad and dead people. The very social, economic, and political structure of Europe was altered forever.As a result of death in the church, written language was almost lost. It would take 400 years before Europe’s population equaled the pre-Black Death figures. The Plague toppled feudalism and changed the course of European History.


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