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During this time, some humanity issues were ripe in the society viz. There were many uprisings especially the youth who protested bitterly against the Vietnam War.Dylan happened to be one of these youths who were discontented with government undertakings.This shows the kind of person he was; he believed in what he knew was right.

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The issue of dove here resonates with the times of Noah of the history after the deluge.

Noah sent a dove to see whether the waters had receded but the dove kept coming back to the ark because it could not find a place to rest.

In the second line, he brings in the issue of peace. At this time, peace between American and Vietnam seemed unachievable and this is true given the length of the war.

“Sleeping in the sand,” means finding a place to tough down.

Dylan’s personal philosophies and beliefs made him write this song as a way of highlighting his feelings.

Instead of addressing war alone, Dylan seized this opportunity to address racism as well thus broadening his audience.Government had the powers to stop this war; therefore, Dylan addressed its adherents to take action and stop war.A small part of this song talks of racism and freedom.Racism was still ripe in society during this time, the whites being the perpetrators and the blacks being the victims.Dylan seized this opportunity to address this issue at the broader perspective of humanity.Each stanza contains several rhetorical questions culminating to the same answer.The answer ‘my friend is blowin’ in the wind’ means the answer is so obvious it is right in your face” (Mick 43).Dylan used the only tool he had; music, to protest or highlight some pertinent issues that he was not pleased with as a youth.The nature and intent of this song comes out clearly by looking at the philosophies of the author. Born in May 24, 1941, Dylan never followed the masses but stood his grounds on matters of principle and morality.In this stanza, two themes stand out, the theme of war/peace and racism.In the first line, Dylan wonders for how long racism will continue seeing some people as lesser beings.


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