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On the other hand, the survivalist and investor are mainly interested in the underlying value of the silver or gold content of the coins but, for a number of reasons, prefer holding their investment in physical form.

While it’s obvious the collector needs to be more concerned with storage and handling, the survivalist and investor should also be aware of the physical risks to storing coins, ingots and plates. Even though there is a whole industry devoted to storing precious metals, for the purposes of this article, we will consider the two most common storage facilities for the ordinary collector/hoarder: the home and bank safety deposit box.

There are several easy tricks for silver hygiene of the trade that professional jewelers have developed to maintain the beauty of silver.

Silver is a soft metal that can be scratched so be careful to rub gently when cleaning.

or other precious metal, you’re probably a coin collector (numismatist), a survivalist or a precious metals investor.

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The differences between a collector, a survivalists or an investor is that the collector is more focused on the intrinsic value and condition of each individual item.

They are not known to contain any materials that harm coins and offer good protection against scratches and other physical damage.

They are available for individual and small sets of coins.

As a result, for the collector, maintaining the best appearance and condition of each coin or piece is critical in determining market value.

Nicks, scratches, tarnishing, bag marks and other blemishing can alter value as much as 20%-40%.


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