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We’re all dreamers in this business - how can we be anything else?But as tempting as the dreams of success and creative freedom may be, we’ve got to remember to take the first steps first. Before we dive into these sections individually, there’s something important we need to understand that will tie them all together.Now we can get into the details of your short film business plan.

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At this stage, your production schedule and budget are very speculative. They’ll shift and change, of course, but this starting point will anchor you as the project develops.

For your preliminary schedule, you should look at two factors: For the first, consider how long it will take you to raise money, assemble a team and line up all the bits and pieces before production can get started.

One description is very specific to people who know and care about the Yazidi situation. If your intended audience doesn't match your subject matter, you need to make sure that you can frame the film in a way that appeals to them.

If you don’t, your film will never reach the people it was made for.

While a film about a gay Jewish boxer might have several simultaneous target markets. There are many active Jewish LGBT organizations - not nearly as many Jewish/sports organizations.

In that last case, it’s helpful to know which is the dominant audience for the film. If you’ve selected one your short film ideas with your target market in mind, this step will be easy.You want people in your target market to respond, “wow, it’s like this short film is being made just for me!”In some cases, a synopsis or logline is enough of a description of the project to give people a clear sense of what you’re trying to accomplish.Let’s say one of your film ideas would shed light on the plight of the Yazidi people who are facing severe persecution in parts of the Middle East. The Yazidi already know this story - they aren’t your target audience.But the people who you’re trying to influence, perhaps middle-class American voters, might not have a natural interest in the story. The answer can be hard to do, but it’s pretty straightforward: Define your film for your target market.If you’re a veteran producer, you’ve done all of this before, and can probably estimate the timetable pretty well.If you’re relatively new, consider this guide to the pre-production process.When I began to raise money for “The Pirate Captain Toledano”, the first and obvious question that everyone asked was “how will you shoot this film? ”It was important to preempt that question by explaining that I had already negotiated for not one, but two tall ships where the film could be shot.If you don’t tell people what you need, they won’t know how to help you.If not, you’ve got to answer the following question: What audience group is most likely to show interest in this film?Once you know who you’re making your movie for, you can develop a specific strategy for crafting a film for them.


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