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According to Professor Scott Stine from Cal State East Bay, California experienced its wettest period in seven thousand years during the 20th century, according to his study of tree stumps around Mono Lake, Tenaya Lake and other parts of the Sierra Nevada.Brown ordered cities and towns to reduce their water usage by 25%, which would amount in 1.5 million acre-feet of water in the nine months following the mandate in April.

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Streams and rivers on the northern coast have unprecedented amounts of fishing bans. Endangered Species Act has listed steelhead as threatened and coho salmon as endangered.

In February 2015 the California Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to further tighten regulations on both recreational and commercial fishing. Since then, a very large percentage of the drought has been eliminated in California due to a persistent weather pattern which allowed rounds of storm systems to consistently hammer the state, with the snowpack rising to well above average.

In mid-March 2019, California was declared totally drought-free, with the exception of a small pocket of "abnormally dry" conditions in Southern California, following a series of powerful Pacific storms during the first few months of the year.

In 2013 the total rainfall was less than 34% of what was expected.

However, Brown's water restrictions have been criticized because they have not been applied to California's agricultural sector, which uses around 80% of California's developed water supply.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife closed dozens of streams and rivers to fishing in 2014.

Historically, sixteen winters between 19 had created El Niño.

Six of those had below-average rainfall, five had average rainfall, and five had above-average rainfall.

California's 38 million residents experienced 13 consecutive months of drought.

This is particularly an issue for the state's 44.7 billion dollar agricultural industry, which produces nearly half of all U. On December 18, it was revealed that almost all of the Exceptional Drought in Northern California had been reduced to Extreme Drought severity, as a result of the winter storms that brought rain to California during December.


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