Case Study Adhd

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ADHD per se is characterised by behavioural problems in reacting to an average situation and the diagnosis based on the history of the manifestation of three types of behaviour: ADHD is caused by a problem with the reticular activating system - the attention centre of the brain - itself due to the immaturity of certain areas of the brain.

This late development and resulting under functioning may be in the cerebellum, pre-frontal lobes or more diffuse affecting the right or left cerebral hemisphere.

ADHD, like every neurobiological disorder is a big problem for the child and especially for his parents, who have to devote too much attention to the child for his convenience.

The disorder can not be cured, but there are special therapies which can reduce its impact.

In essence this means that these children have great difficulty gathering and/or processing the information from the environment and then trying to make sense of it.

Fortunately, with greater knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms at work new treatments are now available to tackle the problem without the use of potentially harmful drugs.In 98% of boys it is the right cerebral hemisphere that is at fault.Under functioning may be caused by two principal factors - the level of stimulation of the brain or the biochemical substrates to the brain.From the neurobiological point of view ADHD is the stable chronic symptom which can not be cured.According to the statistics, about 3 – 5% of people including men, women and children suffer from the disorder.Difficulties in sustaining posture can present with features associated with hyperactive behaviour listed in DSM-5 and ICD-10 classifications for ADHD.Information from a system measuring motor activity during a neurocognitive test (Qb Test), occupational therapist reports and Conners rating scales are compared between cases with and without posture problems.After two weeks the clumsiness had gone, his confidence was rocketing and his school teachers had reported back to his parents the remarkable changes they had noticed in him.They were unaware at that time that he had any treatment.Weakness in sustaining posture results in elevated activity measures during infrared motion analysis.Strong posture on the other hand appears to mitigate activity levels.


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