Chalmers Master Thesis Planning Report

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We will of course discuss the project before you start doing it.

The course requires you to have a basic knowledge in Linux.

If you dont want your name to be listed as reviewer, tell the author not to include it. Any reader should be aware that it might not be free of errors.

Still, it might be useful for someone who would like learn some details similar to the ones presented in the report and in the accompanying files. The role of the reviewer is to go through the tutorial and make sure that it works, that it is possible to follow, and to some extent correct the writing.

For inspiration, also see if there are master thesis suggestions below, where a part can be done as the project in this course.

People visiting this web page may send suggestions to me at [email protected] reviewer has no responsibility for the contents.Project suggestions may be listed here (or see the previous courses), but you are encouraged to work in your own Ph D/Master project, with a twist to make it appropriate in the current course.Students have plenty of opportunities to get involved in the many societies outside of the classroom, with the Students' Union running everything from sports clubs to singing lessons.At the start of each year a Welcome Week is organised for new students to help them settle in.You should make sure that you have time to take the course.It is very intense the first weeks, with two full hands-on lecturing days per occasion, and assignments for the next occasion.The result of the project should be a detailed tutorial for a specific application or library of is an object oriented C toolbox for solving various systems of partial differential equations using the finite volume method on arbitrary control volume shapes and configurations.It includes preprocessing (grid generator, converters, manipulators, case setup), runs in parallel using automatic/manual domain decomposition, and the parallelism is integrated at a low level so that solvers can generally be developed without the need for any parallel-specific coding.In order to be able to follow the lectures, you should make sure that you understand and can use the basic Linux commands presented at the link below.You need to have that knowledge in order to follow already the first lecture. The project may be defined according to the student's special interests.


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