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Cheryl Strayed is brave in the way she describes all of her misgivings without trying to make herself nobler than she is and without seeming as though she is ashamed. She knew how people were “supposed” to do deal with grief but for her, fucking was the only way in which she found relief. Not long after she begins this journey does she begin to feel as though her pack is her burdens and she feels as though she must bear it. In her article The Love Of My Life she talks about the 5 stages of grief and how everyone she knows has the same ideals on someone who is grieving and how they should deal with them and in what order they should be felt. Cheryl knew what she did was wrong but still gives more detail without remorse and very matter of factly: I did what I did with these people, and then I returned home to Mark, weak-kneed and wet, bleary-eyed and elated. As her journey continues she rids herself of the unneeded weight, both in the physical and psychological sense.

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Do you think all publishers are obligated to consider whose voices they are elevating?

What do you see as the potential of non-profit publishers in this regard?

Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told.

The way one person feels or how they react to a situation is very different for each person because no two brains are identical.

Strayed never seems remorseful on her decisions to up and leave everything behind while deciding to flee from it all.

Cheryl Strayed Essays

This being her way of dealing with life, it shows her as being strong; a woman of great strength and character. CS: Yes, I think publishers are obligated to deeply consider what they publish and why, whether they are non-profit or not.I don’t believe in censorship, but neither do I think publishers should print everything that comes along just because they think it will sell.Having said that, the thread that matters the most to me is kindness.Kindness and good will—the sense that other people wish you well, care about your struggles and successes, and that you feel the same way towards them.Every person handles each situation in life different than the next person, which was made very apparent in Wild by Cheryl Strayed. In her book, she is very upfront with all her “coping skills” and does not apologize for what she did in order for her to “cope”. Case in point, she recently signed on to judge the annual Memoir Award for Kore Press an innovative publisher of vital feminist work in my own gritty, wild, literary home town of Tucson Arizona.I sat down recently to talk to Cheryl about literary justice and what we should be asking of our art in this political moment.We have all been faced with countless tragedies in our lives such as the loss of a loved one or a divorce, which have tested our personal strengths. Reading this book brings about many different gestures of strength bringing about different emotions and showing that you can deal with heartache, pain, and every other emotion in various ways, but just like Cheryl Strayed said “Let yourself be gutted. Losing your mother takes a lot out of you as a person.


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