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He said that in addition to working on his own comics, he will also focus on the distribution of comic books to vendors other than comic book stores, but he said that the past few months have affected the way he views the industry.“This whole experience has been really humbling to see what comic books mean to people and what the store means to people,” he said.University of Chicago Law School alum Carmelo Chimera (J. ’13) will be giving away the Oak Lawn branch of his comic book store, Chimera’s Comics, to the winner of an essay contest.

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In addition to running his two comic book stores and working as a lawyer, Chimera has organized several Kickstarter campaigns and published his own graphic novel, Magnificent.

He said that after making the decision to leave one of his stores, he considered selling it, but none of the possible ways to do so “really made me happy,” until he decided to hold the essay contest.

He also plans on turning his remaining store into a franchise.

“I think I’ll offer my winner the chance to be the first store of the franchise, but they don’t have to.

A great city that deserves better.” Shteir seems to have taken the response in stride—she told me that she picked up many new Twitter followers—and her tone during our telephone conversation was confident and feisty.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Shteir for a couple of years—had lunch with her once, have seen her here and there, and have been in occasional e-mail contact.

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One would think that De Paul theater prof Rachel Shteir had lined up our city’s cutest kitties and assassinated them St.

Shteir argues that the piece is being misinterpreted.

The fierce response—including one by Rahm Emanuel in which he managed to sound like a less articulate Rich Daley: “Meet the people. We have a lot to offer, which is why we’re a world-class city”—Shteir told me, proves her point about the unseemly boosterism that characterizes Chicagoans. She grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, and lived in New York for 10 years while teaching at Columbia and NYU.


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