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The book of Proverbs also delineates from the initial glance and appears to be a pure ethical book (Migliore, 2014).

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The other prophets also speak about Jesus Christ from their own means just as Peter confirms that they will do in the book of (Acts -25).The religious reflection of Christology begins in the Old Testament where Christ is discovered as the coming Son of God.The Old Testament suggests that Jesus will have an excellent character that the Law, The Psalms, and Prophets talk about.The impact of Christology is that it helps us to learn about matters that deal with Resurrection, Incarnation and the human and the divine nature of Christ.There can never be a New Testament Christology without the Old Testament.The people of God were dependent about the assured Messiah throughout their years.Various scholars such as Cassidy (2015) argue that the New Testament has an underlying methodology regarding the assumption of Christology.Christology Name Institution From an individual perspective, I can argue that there can never be a New Testament Christology without the Old Testament because the Old Testament contains real message about the information of Christ but in an indirect form.The New Testament offers full light of the Old Testament however through the appearing of Jesus Christ.The book marks out Christ and expresses his love for the Church.Most of the prophets were able to see and went on to speak about his glory like in (John ).


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