Common Birds Of Bangladesh Essay

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Some names are based on calls, others are based on colouration, habits, gait, method of feeding, and so on.

Some names are identifiable easily enough, while others are obscure.

Perhaps the only person who has attempted to identify birds from such Sanskrit names was the late Raghuvira in his publication Indian Scientific Nomenclature of the birds of India, Burma and Ceylon in 1949.

He identifies some 250 Sanskrit words with known species of Indian birds.

Bird (pakhi) warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animal of class Aves having its body covered with feathers and forelimbs modified into wings.

Common Birds Of Bangladesh Essay

They have a relatively large brain, keen sight, and acute hearing, but little sense of smell.Birds are of many different shapes and sizes: Ostrich Struthio camelus, standing about 2.5 m tall; Hummingbird Mellisuga healenae, measuring less than 6 cm from tip of bill to tip of tail, is possibly the smallest bird in the world.Over 1200 bird species occur in the Indian subcontinent.Of the 388 resident species, the status of 158 could not be evaluated due to paucity of data.The ecological alterations obviously affected the composition of the avifauna.Ali (1978) in his Azad Memorial lecture mentions: the English translation of the Sanskrit text of a book Mriqn-Pakshi-Sastra or 'Science of Birds and Animals' by Hamsadeva, said to be a Jain author of the 13th century AD is not very impressive.The other sources of information are the several lexicons of Sanskrit words.It had lived during the late Jurassic period, 200 to 145 million years ago.Although Archaeopteryx is related to birds, much of its skeleton recalls that of theropod dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that among the living reptiles, crocodilians may be the closest relatives of birds.Birds possess 2 major anatomical adaptations: feathers, probably evolved from reptilian scales, which provide an insulating coat and give them the ability to maintain a constant body temperature; and considerably modified forelimbs, from the five-fingered form of their probable reptilian ancestors to a wing covered with specially adapted feathers, which give birds the power of flight.Today the class Aves consists of approximately 9,000 species, grouped into 24 orders.


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