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The dazzling crescendo plans upon your Inner ear and Incite the deepest imagination, thoughts of glory, of love and of hate enter your mind.

Then as the decrescendo begins to flow in, you return to yourself.

Usually classical music is often perceived as opulent, only appreciated by the upper class.

Classical music mostly features in pop music forming background music for movies, television program, and advertisement.

It is not usually written, performed, and recorded as a symphony or concerto.

The basic form for pop music is the song, which usually consists of verse and repeated chorus. However, classical music is a complex form of music, which requires high musical skills, and ability to coordinate with other musicians.

There are benefits associated with classical music and it is of general opinion that it requires more attention to details than pop music because of its complexity.

It is a known fact that music is a form of art whose medium is sound.

There is both a broad diversity and a curious similarity in the audiences, complexity, and meaning in classical and modern music.

Music wouldn’t truly have a purpose with out Its audiences. And 19th century’s music Inspired writers, philosophers, aristocrats and other thinkers of the time.


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