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If someone asks me for advice on what he or she should do first to get started on intrusion detection then I would suggest him to think about what advantages or opportunities he expects from the deal he is going to make.In this scenario, one excellent starting point can be from looking at the impact of previous intrusions (Bloedorn, Christiansen, Hill, Skorupka, Talbot, & Tivel, 2002).The term cyber threat can be defined as an outsiders attempt to hamper the normal operation of any particular system which is designed to help the normal activities of the people in a society.

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Cyber Security Organizational business mission and related security goals Intellectual property is a juridical concept that refers to creative formations of the mind that have exclusive rights.

Owners of the creations are granted exclusive rights on intangible assets as stipulated in the intellectual property law on intangible creations such as music, works of art, inventions, designs, symbols and innovations.

Examples of intellectual property rights include trademarks, copyrights, patents and industrial design rights.

In the current international economy and business environment, companies hold their intellectual assets as their most valid assets, the issues pertaining to intellectual......

However, if he or she has been caused to experience intrusions and hacking act before, they will be acquainted with......

Insert Introduction The world today is more interconnected than ever before.

As many people become more dependent on modern technology, there has equally been an emergence of vulnerability to cyber attack such as security breaches, spear phishing and social media fraud.

With all its advantages, increased connectivity means increased risk incidences involving theft, abuse and fraud.

Furthermore, by extension, the same behaviors instigated by our cultural values are what impact on cyber ethics.

An example of how cultural values impact on the moral legitimacy can be drawn on the......?


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