Critical Thinking Richard Paul

This popular pocket-size guide empowers readers with critical thinking tools based on the groundbreaking work of Richard Paul and Linda Elder.

This bestselling volume in the Thinker’s Guide Library provides students, educators, and professionals with an authoritative problem-solving framework essential for every aspect of life.

They do not learn how to enter sympathetically into the thinking of others, nor how to deal rationally with conflicting points of view.

They do not learn to become critical readers, writers, speakers and listeners.

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They do not learn how to use their native languages clearly, precisely, or persuasively.

They do not, therefore, become ‘literate’, in the proper sense of the word.

They lack the traits of mind of a genuinely educated person: intellectual humility, courage, integrity, perseverance, and faith in reason.

Happily, there is a movement in education today striving to address these problems in a global way, with strategies and materials for the modification of instruction at all levels of education.


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