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WRITING a book is often sheer pain and drudgery, but writing the dedication is a moment most authors savor, a chance to pay back old debts, even the score or give one's spouse (or former spouse) a reward for putting up with all those nights of writers' angst. Probably the nicest dedication to a parent is Sherwood Anderson's in '' Winesburg, Ohio'': '' To the memory of my mother, Emma Smith Anderson, whose keen observations on the life about her first awoke in me the hunger to see beneath the surface of lives, this book is dedicated.'' DEDICATIONS to spouses range from the no-frills - '' For Roger'' (Bobbie Ann Mason's '' Shiloh and Other Stories'') - to the playful - '' For my ouaffe, from her oosban'' (J.Dedications are sometimes as original, humorous and witty as the books they precede. Bryan 3d's '' Hodgepodge: A Commonplace Book,'' to be published this fall - '' My wife is French,'' he explained recently). '' to '' Daisy and Jeanie,'' two of Thurber's dogs. 247 ('' Laughing Space'') to the sense of humor and No.

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If an author is going to be humble, this is likely to be the place.

'' To Linda who saw through me and saw me through'' (J.

You do not want to add someone who might not be aware of your content into the dedication.

The last thing you’d want to do is list someone who had no interest in your work or might even frown upon what you are doing.

To solve the problem of the divorced dedicatee, Andre Schiffrin, the managing director of Pantheon Books, advises authors to dedicate books simply ''to the woman (or man) I love.'' This advice would have forestalled a crisis when a certain British woman of letters made her publisher switch the dedicatee's name from one Italian lover to another when her book was in galley proofs.

But not all writers are as persuasive with their publishers, and many don't care to change an inscription that once held meaning.

He has dedicated books to his first wife, who died in 1981, and to his second wife.

ONCE spouses are taken care of, it is a tossup among children, siblings, editors and dogs, not necessarily in that order.

In this case, you could explain what you would have said to that person if that someone was alive.

Look for dissertation dedications examples to see what you could find in this case.


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