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All essays must be organized in some way, and moving from one place to the next is typically how descriptive essays handle this.Keep in mind that a strong organization for this paper will include a topic-by-topic approach. As a general rule, a conclusion never introduces new information.Here is a thesis statement example for a descriptive essay I would have fun writing:“This description of the Millennium Falcon shows that Han Solo piloted more than just a ‘bucket of bolts’; the iconic spacecraft had many upgrades that allowed Solo to smuggle successfully, evade capture, and outmaneuver the best Imperial fighters in the galaxy.” Once you have finished planning your mood, vantage point, and approach, start writing the paper!

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Be sure that you maintain a balance of these vantage points throughout the essay for consistency.

Intimate: Use this approach to describe something or someone you’re very familiar with.

Think of a park or coffee house, or any other place you like to visit.

The words themselves are abstract, but in descriptive essays, your goal is to make these terms more concrete by showing them to the reader.

Check out these sources for extra help and inspiration on how to write a descriptive essay.

A review of some descriptive essay examples can also go a long way toward helping you better tackle this writing style.If you’re describing the interior of a house, for example, you may go from one room to the next, ending on your most favorite room – the pinball-laser-tag-bowling-alley-bouncey-castle room in your basement.(Okay, perhaps you don’t have such a room, but you can see where I’m going with this).Subjective description – This is the more common approach used to write a descriptive essay because it allows you to inject some feeling into your writing. Remember that you need to have a purpose for writing this essay, so be sure to come up with a thesis.You can write your descriptions from your unique perspective and celebrate your observations with artistic prose. Let’s see how Smaug describes himself:“My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death! Vantage point – Do you get up close and intimate with your subject, or are you more distant?If you’re writing about that house, be sure that each door you move through begins a new paragraph. Much like the intro, it summarizes the essay’s main points and then returns to the thesis to reinforce your claim one last time, leaving the reader with the impression you wanted them to have from the very beginning.Writing is a muscle that needs exercise, so starting out with a little practice works well for many writers.Make good use of memory here for specific details.“My old teddy bear has been discolored by years of attic dust and is more brown than gray now.A bit of cotton stuffing shows where my mom had sewn up the ear after Bugs, our old Collie, got at it. Think about the contradictory language in this example. “It was a bright, beautiful day – the sun was shining, and the flowers were in full bloom.So get ready to bust out those adjectives – they’ll be your best friends when writing this type of essay! This is a great exercise that makes you – the writer – focus on your topic and use only those details that are most relevant to descriptive writing.That said, you can’t simply describe something without a purpose and organization: that’s like setting up a tent when you’re camping and then sleeping outside on the ground. For this exercise, describe a barn (outside, inside, or both) from the point of view of a man whose son has just died in a war. Focus solely on the barn itself, but keep this information in mind. The barn is the most important element here, and based on the mood (which we can assume is one of grief, despair, anger, etc.), you can describe the barn using words and a tone that would suggest how the “narrator” feels in that moment. Instead, choose a strong emotion (joy, jealousy, fear, excitement, etc.), and then describe the barn using this emotion, but never mention the emotion itself.


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