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Jones) William Gassaway: Extraordinary bodies: Death, divinity, and distortion in the art of post-classic Mexico ( E. Similitude and vicissitude in Kerala’s sacred art and architecture (V.Dehejia) Michaëla Mohrman: Populist counter-spectacles and the inception of mass media art in Argentina: Marta Minujín's happenings, performances, and environments of the 1960s (A.Murray) Beth Gollnick: Diffusion: Women Light Artists in Postwar California (B.

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Dissertations In Progress Art History Essay On The Value Of Catholic Education

Alberro) Irina Tolstoy: Camillo Trevisan’s palace and villa culture on the island of Murano (M.Freedberg) Aaron Rio: “Ink Painting in Medieval Kamakura” (Matthew Mc Kelway) Julia Siemon: “Bronzino, Politics and Portraiture in 1530s Florence” (Columbia, M. Freedberg) Therese Sjovoll: “Queen Christina of Sweden’s Musaeum: Collecting and Display in the Palazzo Riario” (Columbia, D.Freedberg) Zachary Stewart: “The Integrated Interior: Parish Church Architecture in Eastern England, c.1330–c.1550” (Columbia, S.Vogel) Nicole Griggs: Reconsidering the Tribune in Early Gothic Architecture of Twelfth-Century Northern France (S.Murray) Alexandra Helprin: The Sheremetevs and the Argunovs: Art, Serfdom, and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Russia (A.Benelli) Alessandra Di Croce: Sacred Fragments: The Reception of Christian Antiquity in post-Tridentine Rome (H.Klein) Kevin Dumouchelle: Traditions of Modernity in an African City: Continuity and Change in the Architecture of Kumasi (S.Joseph) Robert Fucci: Landscape into History: The Early Printed Landscape Series by Jan van de Velde II (1593-1641) (D.Freedberg) Sofia Gans: “a whole chapel cast and engraved with images”: the Many Meanings of the Tomb of Saint Sebald in Nuremberg (S.Jens Bartel: Style, space and meaning in the large-scale landscape paintings of Maruyama Ōkyo (1733-1795) (M.Mc Kelway) Connie Choi: “A matter of building bridges”: Photography and African American Education, 1957-1972 (K.


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