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Cathedral doors so big you can’t believe they were ever built, hovel doors with little paint left, island doors that are barely there at all.Most fun is a door cracked open to offer a peek inside—a stolen look at the soul of the place, maybe even the thrill of a full view of an inner courtyard.I love looking at the doors themselves anyway—old wood, wonderfully worn from much use.

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She needed light and air, and she expected tidiness in the rooms the doors opened into.

Naturally I went the opposite way with my own daughters: feel free to close your doors; I’d rather not see your mess.

This door was cleverly hidden, so that it seemed to be part of the wall.

My mother then hung all kinds of stuff in front of the wall to hide any sign of the door, even from the family.

Whether it’s for doors slamming shut or doors being swept by the wind and bang against the wall, we’ve got you covered.

There are few very inexpensive ways to help stop a door from slamming shut.

They yelled, “Show us where you’re hiding that damned !

” Mother pulled herself up to her full five feet and, quivering only slightly, protested: “Who do you think you are, barging in without permission? They began opening and slamming doors, searching closets and rooms, cussing in two languages.

We were not to play there or to tell any of our friends about it. The German occupation required all young men to serve in Germany producing weapons.

Those who refused were called : they went underground. Our house and our neighbor’s house formed a duplex, sharing a full-length wall.


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