Eliot The Metaphysical Poets Essay

Instead of calling these poets metaphysical, he calls them the poets of the seventeenth century.

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This could be emotionally in the sense that if she withholds sex from him it implies that she does not trust him on an intimate level.

If he experienced an emotional death so would she experience one too and the love that they share.

In their poetry, he remarks: The force of this accusation lies in the fact that often the ideas are yoked but not united.

But this is not blameworthy in itself, as it has been practised by a number of poets and even by Johnson himself.

This essay was originally a review in the London Times Literary Supplement (October 20, 1921) of the book Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the Seventeenth Century.

In this essay, Eliot discusses three questions: To what extent did the so-called metaphysical form a school or a movement?

At first one would not realize that this is his intention because he uses a flea to describe sex which is a very far-fetched description of the act hence this poem being metaphysical.‘Yet this enjoys before it woo, And pamper’d swells with one blood made of two; And this, alas!

Is more than we would do.’ (Lines 7 – 9) Donne is very convincing in the second stanza where he speaks of the duration of their relationship being long enough to consider being married to each other.

Donne and often Cowley, employ a device which is sometimes considered characteristically metaphysical: the elaboration of a figure of speech to the farthest stage to which ingenuity can carry it.

Donne develops a comparison of two lovers to a pair of compasses.


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