Emory University Supplement Essay 2011

Emory University Supplement Essay 2011-26
Socially joining Greek life or a sports team is essential.In fact our California friend had just joined a sorority as a sophomore to expand her social life.We stayed right near campus at the Emory Conference Hotel and got a much better sense of life in and around campus.

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We went out to dinner both nights with current students about a ten-minute drive from campus.

Atlanta, as a city, is very spread out and requires a car to get around because there is not great public transportation.

The assignment was to watch a video of the Nixon “Checkers speech” and read an article about the Quiz Show scandal.

That Sunday we spent the day in the library working and got a good sense of the atmosphere on campus.

They gauge that by the rigor of your high school curriculum and how well you did.

Next they want to know how will you contribute to the campus.

Visited by Lisa Bleich I went back to Emory to visit with my youngest daughter.

We arrived in Atlanta a couple of days before our scheduled tour, giving us the weekend to explore the city.


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