Epenthesis Anaptyxis

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Epenthesis is sometimes used for humorous or childlike effect.

For example, the cartoon character Yogi Bear says "pic-a-nic basket" for "picnic basket." Another example is to be found in the chants of England football fans in which England is usually rendered as , or the pronunciation of "athlete" as "ath-e-lete".

Anaptyxis specifically within a word manifests historical sound changes from earlier forms of a word to later forms.

Take for example bradar to the Persian baradar (brother).

Since epenthetic consonants are not used regularly in modern Japanese, it is possible that this epenthetic /s/ is a hold over from Old Japanese. One example is the word baai (場合, situation), which is a combination of ba (場, place) and ai (合い, meet): in some dialects it is pronounced bawai.

It is also possible that OJ /ame/, and the /s/ is not epenthetic but simply retained archaic pronunciation. One hypothesis argues that Japanese /r/ developed "as a default, epenthetic consonant in the intervocalic position".

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Languages use various vowels for this purpose, though schwa is quite common when it is available.

For example, , and many speakers insert schwa between the /l/ and /t/ of realtor.


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    The term prothesis refers to word-initial epenthesis, anaptyxis is word-medial epenthesis, and paragoge is the process of word-final vowel insertion. 2.4 What is the function/cause of vowel epenthesis? In most cases, the function of vowel epenthesis is to repair an input that does not meet a language’s structural requirements.…

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    Anaptyxis is a hyponym of epenthesis. As nouns the difference between anaptyxis and epenthesis is that anaptyxis is phonetics epenthesis of a vowel – insertion of a vowel for example, the middle ‘-a-’ in thataway, or use of infixes in coining english words on classical roots while epenthesis is phoneticsprosody the insertion of a phoneme, letter, or syllable into a word, usually.…

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    Epenthesis - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. anaptyxis - svarabhakti. Forum discussions with the words "epenthesis.…

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    The word epenthesis comes from epi "in addition to" and en "in" and thesis "putting". Epenthesis may be divided into two types excrescence, for the addition of a consonant, and anaptyxis /ˌænæpˈtɪksᵻs/; from Greek ἀνάπτυξις; also svarabhakti from Sanskrit for the addition of a vowel…

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    This study investigated initial consonant clusters produced by Persian speakers of English with an emphasis on vowel epenthesis. The occurrences of vowel epenthesis were examined in regards to the composition obstruent + glide and obstruent + liquid and complexity of initial consonant clusters triple vs. double where epenthesis was likely to occur.…

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    Epenthesis fem. pl. epentheses, diminutive- phonetics - see epenthesis English Vele Nederlandse woorden bevatten een epenthesis om twee zelfstandige naamwoorden te verbinden. A lot of Dutch words contain an epenthesis to tie two nouns together.…

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    Epenthesis )とは、発音の便宜のため、語の途中に子音や母音、音節が挿入される現象をいう。 この現象が起こるのは、たとえば以下のような場合がある。…


    Epenthesis which is further divided into prosthesis and anaptyxis on the basis of its position. Abrahamsson describes prosthesis as insertion before the cluster and anaptyxis is described as.…

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    Epenthesis An Introduction to Epenthesis. Epenthesis etymologically from Greek, literally “interlacing in the middle”, is the addition of a syllable Opens in new window or sound in the middle of a word, usually for poetical metre Opens in new window or rhetorical texture.…

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