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A key principle of interpersonal communication is that it cannot be avoided.Communication researchers assert, “You cannot communicate” (West & Turner, 2010, p. You and your partner are therefore bound to communicate even when you think you are being uncommunicative.

A key principle of interpersonal communication is that it cannot be avoided.

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A person who has a disagreeable personality will mitigate effective communication.

A disagreeable person will be uncooperative, lacking in understanding, and have a bad nature.

You might take your ability to communicate for granted but it is not a natural thing.

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Your ability to communicate is learned and as you go through life, you get to refine and cultivate your skills to communicate.

The level of comfort that a person feels with relationships also acts as a barrier.

Individuals who are introverted generally demonstrate withdrawal from socializing with others.

Having identified what effective interpersonal interaction is, it would be of importance to highlight some of the barriers to these interactions.

A barrier is something that prevents effective communication from taking place.


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