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She wants to be right all the time and she knows everything.When you look closer she becomes very selfish, pushy and manipulative person.

She wants to be right all the time and she knows everything.

The Grandmother and her family will be put to death by an escaped criminal by the name of the Misfit, who the grandmother warns the family of before there voyage to Florida.

In The family gets into a car accident caused by Grandmother's cat, Pitty Sing, who she hid in a basket away from the family.

Grandmother tries to use her manipulative techniques on him but it doesn’t help. He shrinks from it and kills her saying that she would have been a good woman if she had a gun pointed to her head all the time.

It looks like he i enjoys seeing her begging for own life. Throughout this entire story the grandmother is very manipulative, selfish and better than anybody else person.

Essentially the grandmother’s insistence on achieving her own selfish ends results in the death of her entire family, as well as the loss of her own life.

This essay analyzes the story’s thematic message in regards to selfishness, individualism and its effect on the family as well as the larger community, as represented by The Misfit.

When they meet with Misfit, grandmother is the one who recognizes him. As she contemplates her fate she reaches out for God and forgiveness. She is finally showing care for someone other than herself.

If she was smart enough to be quite Misfit probably would let them go. At the end, she reaches out to the Misfit and tells him “You’re one of my own children” (O’Connor 462).

O’Connor tells the story from the point of view of the grandmother.

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” centers upon two themes: selfishness, and individualism.


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