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The two women are popular artists in the America music industry.

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It is also important to note that media is an agent of this negative notoriety.

The media and especially the television have been instrumental in creating a culture that promotes negative notoriety.

An example of such notoriety is observed in scholars, who sometimes influence their students negatively.

Such scholars concentrate on issues that are beyond their scope in the quest of being famous.

A recent example of this negative notoriety is of the renowned cyclist and an Olympic champion; Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong has recently been accused of doping.Fame and notoriety is not always what it seems to be.In reality, fame and notoriety have been shaping cultures in a very negative manner.This is justified by various observations made from the behaviors of the so called famous people.Most of the world known American rappers in the music industry are known to be associated with drugs and possession of firearms.For years, fame and notoriety have been used to refer to certain cultures of people who are in the public limelight.However, famous people who are known to the society as public figures always seem to influence the mainstream society and its culture.The media focuses their attention on issues that do not help the rest of the society, but only that gives limelight to the famous.Fame can be termed as dangerous, if a famous individual does not become a person of independent mind.Famous people have limits on how they think, act and behave publicly.It is easier to notice that famous people always tend to focus on satisfying their audience and fans.


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