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too) but not at the cost of selling false aspirations and dreams to students and definitely not if such coaching institutes only agenda is sheer 'profiteering'.There has to be a balance between business & education which is not derived from greediness.Imagine such critical two years of a student is just fixed upon the "lousy" learning methodology of coaching institutes.

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Many Indian school teachers make hefty amount of money via private tuition outside school.

They tend to teach inside the school in a way (half-cooked) which make the students to come to them outside school for private tuition which in turn give the school teachers to earn a lot of money.

Students are being only taught Physics, Chemistry and Maths (required for engineering entrance exam) OR Physics, Chemistry and Biology (required for medical entrance exams).

Day and night (for 2 years) 'some' of these students with the mastery of rote and practice based learning methodology clear the entrance exams to get into IITs & medical schools.

It should go without saying that teachers everywhere can benefit from bringing into their classrooms.

Despite the best efforts of teachers, students sometimes need that extra push of encouragement to help them thrive.They make you to join coaching but we can we self think why this exams and our tests are held for checking our skills . The practice of coaching in the classroom is one of the most effective ways to bring out the best in students, to develop their talents and strengths, to build skills and confidence and to nurture learning.It does not focus on fundamental learning, concept building or a free mindset where students can think out of box and learn with an open mind.It restrict students in a closed framework of education system based on past exam papers.This order bring our attention to a very important subject of "School Vs Coaching Institutes" !!I recently met a student ' Divya' who is studying in class 10th in a school located in Delhi, India.A recent order by hon Supreme Court of India stated that entrance to medical and engineering colleges in India should not be taken just on an entrance exam score and weightage should be given to the school exam marks as well (class 12th exam score).SC order also stated that the central govt via MHRD should come with a body to regulate the private coaching institutes.Students are being pushed by their parents to study subjects in which they have no interest.Read this article which I recently wrote on this important issue - Link A recent report published by IIT-G (the conducting body for IIT-JEE 2016) stated that 52.4% of students who qualified IIT entrance exam in 2016 never took any coaching for entrance exam preparation and studied in school and on their own.


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