Essay On Friendship Between Antonio And Bassanio

Essay On Friendship Between Antonio And Bassanio-53
He has been especially kind to his close friend Bassanio.

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Essay On Friendship Between Antonio And Bassanio

This is quite an extreme offer of help which is interpreted by critics as a sexual relationship.He has made me a Christian.” The idea here is that Jessica’s marriage to a Christian man will automatically make her a Christian.This is a Biblical allusion which says a woman is sanctified by her husband.Antonio also Bassanio that all the money that he needed to pay Antonio that Bassanio did not need to pay him the money that he borrows a long time ago.Antonio is really a nice and kind friend and Bassanio is really lucky to have him.Solanio says: “Here comes Bassanio, your most noble kinsman, Gratiano, and Lorenzo.Fare ye well, we leave you now with better company.” Salerio in turn says: “I would have stayed till I had made you merry, if worthier friends had not prevented me.Launcelot Gobbo shows his dislike of the Jew — to him the Jew is the devil incarnation.Jessica, Shylock’s daughter echoes this when she says: “Our house is hell,” and “Alack, what heinous sin is it in me, to be ashamed to be my father’s child.” Shylock is shown as bloodthirsty and a heartless villain in the majority of cases in the play.However, there is no doubt that Antonio loves Bassanio as the former uses his own flesh as collateral so that Bassanio can woo Portia who is stuck at her estate waiting for her true love to propose.Before rounding up today’s discussion we might briefly look at the contribution Shylock, Lorenzo and Jessica make to the play.


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