Essay On Global Climate Change And Its Impact

Essay On Global Climate Change And Its Impact-19
Both aerosols and greenhouse gasses result in the altering of solar radiation and infrared radiation.

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Biodiversity response Because of the climate change, species might not be able to adapt to the new environmental conditions and might fall outside its climatic niche.

There should be an equally adaptive response by the species and individuals in order to survive.

Possible solutions There can be many things that can be done to slow down the climate change.

By using more efficient and renewable sources of energy, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Biodiversity loss Climate change threatens several species with a possibility of extinction.

Almost a quarter of the species present on land today might disappear by the year 2050.

Most studies are focused on higher organizational levels and for very few species.

Climate change resulted in a phenological shift in flowering plants along with insect pollinators which creates a mismatch between the plant and its pollinator population.

It is not difficult to foresee several ecological problems looming ahead if the current trends continue.

While the average land temperature has risen, it has resulted in the melting of polar ice caps.


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