Essay On Influence Of Cinema On Society

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The youth of India touted to be the biggest powerhouse of the world can benefit from the mistakes of these men and women by gaining valuable life experience.

All in all biographical films are a good source of entertainment, morals and values.

I have also think about this topic time to time but never find a good answer to myself.

Art and literature are reflections of life and they present the moments of life beautifully.

On the other hand, science studies man and his world.

Biographical movies can be classified under different genres but they all portray the morals of life in a disambiguous manner. Movies like Gandhi (1982) and Mandela: A long walk to freedom (2014) has been successful in portraying key civil right uprisings of the world led by the popular leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

These have enlightened the youth about the struggle of the world to reach the present modern stage and that these rights should be valued and put to use for the greater good and further development of the world.Over the years they have influenced people in many distinct ways, with the angry young man of the seventies and the love stories of the nineties the films have always been able to capture the prevailing popular culture.The past decade has seen a substantial increase in biographical movies in India.Earlier, films of rural background were the first choice.Now-a-days more and more films, both art and commercial ones, focus on the urban life, the changing pattern of life in villages and towns, new social ethics and the impact of modernisation and globalisation on society.The practices of alcoholism and smoking are often depicted in such movies and the youth resort to the same.Biographical movies share the life experiences, achievement and mistakes of people from different walks of life.On the other hand Mary Kom an Indian woman boxer who has won repeatedly the world boxing championship and an Olympic medal battled society and failure.These movies have a deep impact on the youth, by motivating them to dream big, work hard and passionately irrespective of the conditions or the customs.All such movies do not necessarily have a positive impact.Sometimes these glamourize activities prohibited by the society and sway the youth in the wrong direction.


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