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Though the world has become global, customers all over the world are not the same. “Learning organisation is the one that has developed the capacity to continuously learn, adapt, and change”. Markets are global and customers are spread worldwide.

Organisational policies also encourage learning amongst members.5.

Shared vision: Leaders of learning organisation facilitate shared vision in the organisation.

Organisations that adopt single-loop learning frame targets, monitor their performance, take corrective action and, thus, complete the loop. They continuously adopt to environmental variables, learn what new can be achieved in the changed circumstances and make action plans to achieve the new targets. The following diagram differentiates between single-loop and double-loop learning: A learning organisation has the following features:1.

Double-loop learning is called generative learning. Boundary-less organization: It does not have a defined structure.

In a learning organisation, employees practice knowledge management.

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They continuously acquire, share and apply new knowledge in making decisions. Transfer knowledge throughout the organisation through formal training programmes.e.

Structural and physical boundaries are minimised.2. Teams: Employees do not work for specific departments at specific levels.

They work in teams and perform all organisational activities.

There is timely, accurate and open sharing of information in the organisation.

As there are no structural boundaries, people openly communicate with each other (across vertical and horizontal boundaries).


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