Essay On Personal Legend

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The book is about a shepherd following his personal legend and how every one helps him.

The concept of personal legend is depicted through Santiago and Fatima.

Fatima's personal legend Helped Santiago's personal legend in 3 ways.

First Fatima's personal legend was to wait for Santiago to get to his own personal legend.

The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is about following your dreams.

It explains what a personal legend is and how it will effect some ones life.He also told him where to find his hidden treasure.He gave him Urim and Thummim, rocks that will help him read omens.Before living out another minute of your life, you better be prepared to answer that question wholeheartedly, one way or another.Only you know what it will mean to follow your heart.What will the rest of your life look like if you choose to settle into where you’re comfortable and never venture out to where your heart takes you?Are you willing to accept that if you take that route you’ll never be truly happy?Or, rather, it was what he discovered that eventually brought him to his treasure. At times, he was focused and excited about the future.Other times he was drawn almost mystically towards the next step in his journey.I can’t nor can anyone else figure that out for you, but it means the same thing for all of us: our path to a deep sense of meaning, fulfillment, and greater happiness. But if not, if you stand the idea that you might live the rest of your life not having followed your dream, your heart, and where it all would have taken you, then read on.Can you see yourself sitting in a chair when you’re 70, looking out the window and wishing you had taken that chance, followed that path, or seen where that opportunity would have taken you? It’s time to draw your line in the sand and begin following your heart to realize the amazing adventure that life can be. It’s true that God has a large influence on the message of the book, especially when it comes to this point, so it depends both on your beliefs as well as on how you decide to interpret the message of these omens (as God isn’t the only way to interpret them, never is there one definition that must be followed).


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