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In statistical expressions, bracket use also depends on the specific style guide being used.

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For example, I might say, “I need to go to the store today for laundry detergent, pet food, and dairy products .” The words inside the braces constitute a listing within a list.

Website addresses are not usually included in references; however, if they are, MLA and APA recommend using angle brackets () before and after the address.

Writers in the liberal arts and humanities disciplines use the Modern Language Association (MLA) style guide; those in the social and behavioral sciences, usually refer to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide; writers not writing within a specific discipline use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), and those in the physical sciences use the Council of Science Editors (CSE) guide.

Brackets are always used in mathematical expressions to help the reader perform various operations within an equation.

The use of this punctuation is standard in academic writing; however, there are some exceptions to this standard.

The four main paired punctuation symbols are the bracket (or square bracket; also called parenthesis in British English), the parenthesis (plural: parentheses), the brace (curly bracket in British English), and the inequality sign (pointy bracket).It is possible to designate the angle bracket in professional typesetting to avoid this issue, but using the pointy brackets is acceptable.With a few exceptions, both American and British English use these paired symbols in the same way, although the terminology might differ.When there is a parenthetical word or phrase within an already parenthetical phrase, square brackets are used in American English ([ ]); however, parentheses are used in both British English and legal documents (( )).Although rare, braces (curly brackets) are used to denote a list within a list.However, if there are other commas in the sentence, this method of punctuation can become ambiguous, as in the following example:“My sister, according to Emily, who considers herself almost another parent, has always been the smartest person in the family.” Here, the use of commas as the sole punctuation mark makes it unclear who “considers herself almost another parent”: “my sister” or Emily. To cite authors There are many different formats for citing authors and sources within a scholarly text.Many of these formats request that information such as authors’ names and year of publication be given in a parenthetical citation.In the example sentences below, the parenthetical text is not necessary for either the grammatical or the logical completeness of the sentence, but offers some extra, closely related information that the writer felt the reader should have.This information may be a scientific fact:"The liquid was brought to 212° F (the boiling point of water) and then poured into molds." A birth date, death date, or range of dates:"The anarcho-feminist Emma Goldman (b.The normal sequence or order of use is ; however, this can also differ according to the discipline and which English is used.[ ]: square bracket ( ): parentheses : brace or curly bracket : pointy bracket or inequality sign One more paired punctuation, the angle bracket (〈 〉), is used mainly in mathematics; however, most computer keyboards do not have these symbols and writers tend to use the pointy brackets in its place.


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