Essay Problems Drinking Driving

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In such conditions, a car driven by a drunken person increases the probability of the occurrence of a traffic accident many times.

And his unpredictable behavior can often bring any actions of other road users, taken in order to avoid an accident to nothing.

Therefore, measures to combat such violations should be toughened as much as possible, since, it is already a question of the established line of behavior which cannot be changed without harsh actions (except rare cases).

At present, it has become difficult to navigate on the road even for sober and disciplined drivers with a stable psyche and many years of driving experience.

At the same moment, the Committee on Tests for Intoxication was established by the National Safety Council.

Significant progress of legislation in the field of drunk driving began in the 1970-1990s.The availability of such a service and its relevance mean that more and more people are aware of the danger of driving a car in a drunken state. In addition, it may be stressed in a teenage drunk driving essay that there are many young people who completely reject alcohol. Naturally, fans of a healthy lifestyle will never sit behind the wheel in a drunken state. There are two methods for determining the level of alcohol in the human body which are usually described in essays on drunk driving: Br AC and BAC.The first, Br AC (breath alcohol content) shows the level of alcohol in the exhaled air. Both indicators are measured in milligrams of ethyl alcohol per liter of air or blood. It was used as the basis of the rating provided below.It may be written in a drinking and driving essay introduction that the first law restricting the movement of intoxicated drivers in the US was adopted in New Jersey.1906 is the year of the beginning of the struggle against this harmful phenomenon.But alas, there are always self-confident drivers for whom a glass of wine or beer is not a reason for a walk or taxi ordering.Stress in an “Effects of drinking and driving” essay that more and more often, on TV screens and on the Internet, we can see reports from the scene of an accident caused by a drunk motorist.In particular, cause and effect of drinking and driving essays are a frequent task at schools and universities.Thanks to such assignments, young people form a sense of responsibility for own health and the safety of others, the desire to preserve the social order.Despite the fact that citizens in Puerto Rico could buy alcohol at the age of 18, these measures were taken there too.In 2013, all 50 states were called to reduce the alcohol limit from 0.08% to 0.05%.


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