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The Hathi Trust is another sizeable consortial collection of digitized books.

The Hathi Trust is another sizeable consortial collection of digitized books.

You can also browse the library stacks in areas of interest to you, such as those under the Library of Congress esp.

call numbers beginning with BL through BX, currently housed on floor 4A in the Hatcher Graduate Library In your Library Catalog Search results, you'll also find other materials held by our library, such as maps, films / DVDs, archival collections, manuscripts, historical periodicals and more.

(Oxford University Press, 2008) was one of the few books mentioned more than once and the only one that was published in the past five years.

Last year, the Ameri­can Academy of Religion gave its Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion to Willie J.

Those who did not fit that description simply did not know how to relate to a tradition that claimed to speak for but did not reflect them. This was not entirely unexpected as Christianity tried to free itself from the hold the Enlightenment had on the church for so long.

James Cone, considered the father of contemporary black theology, expressed these frustrations four decades ago. However, what is quite surprising is that persons of color and women are increasingly finding their way to these sources.

In the worst of times, classic theological texts have been used to oppress persons of color and women. It identifies theology as dispassionate analysis of 'the tradition,' unrelated to the suffering of the oppressed." The result, Cone observed, was that "an increasing number of black religionists are finding it difficult to be black and be identified with traditional theological thought forms." Disconnecting themselves from the Anglo-European white tradition, black intellectuals looked to other sources to describe how African-American Christians talked about and related to God.

In the best of times, the overwhelming attention given these particular voices obscured other voices, giving the impression that the only Christians speaking and writing about God for the last 2,000 years were European men. Many Western theologians in the last few decades have returned to premodern theological sources, representing an intellectual renaissance of sorts as Christians look back to classical theologians from Augustine to Maximus the Confessor to Catherine of Siena for expressions of present-day faith.

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